NA•TILI stands for conscious consumption and slow fashion.


Our collections are always basic and do not depend on trends.


We want to change women's attitudes towards their bodies. Do not chase stereotypes and love yourself in frameless underwear and push-ups.


We use environmentally friendly materials and select certified suppliers.



we care

Birth of NA • TILI

We were looking at dancers when we came up with the idea to create NA • TILI . The dancers were in constant motion, their bodies were flexible and beautiful, and the costumes were like second skin.


"I would do this for everyday wear. To be comfortable, and at the same time look elegant and feminine. "


A month later we drew the first sketches of our underwear.


And then they thought. How will our brand benefit the world? Most did not want to create another source of environmental disaster.


We decided that our underwear would be fundamentally organic. We found fabrics that do not harm nature and created our bamboo history.


At NA • TILI we believe in slow fashion, smooth seams and dull colors, and we really hope that you will share this love with us.



There is always a person of a team behind each brand who implement, improve, care about the product. The customers can see only the end result of their work. We think that's not entirely correct. So, let's get acquainted.

Lena, Yana, Alla -  are the NA•TILI team. We are three girls who came together for one project. We have a different figure, hair color, character and competencies, but common values that underlie our brand.