With care for you and nature

The fashion industry has a tremendous impact on the environment.


Clothing production causes 20% of the world's water pollution. Not to mention the emissions of carbon, chemical fertilizers and used clothing that is taken to landfill.


We believe that clothes are not worth the price, so we make bamboo underwear.


Bamboo is the fabric of the future


It is antibacterial


Bamboo has unique antibacterial properties. Bamboo fabric kills more than 70% of the bacteria that get on it.

It is eco-friendly


2500 liters of water are needed to make one set of cotton linen. It's like taking a bath 20 times.


Bamboo does not need water for watering - the rain is enough.


And it does not need chemicals, because it grows very quickly and destroys pests.


It is soft

6 times softer than cotton, and this property is preserved after washing.

It is perfect. Check by yourself.



Recycled paper packaging


Stylish and functional. And most importantly - without harm to nature.

Support our philosophy - use your eco-box to store jewelry, stockings, or essentials.